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Rules List

Post by Red on Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:34 pm

1. Don’t RDM, RDM includes killing without evidence even in overtime (will result in a slay)
2. Don’t ghost ( will result in a perma ban)
3. Don’t mic spam or chat spam (will result in a gag/mute)
4. Don’t kill afks unless you’re a traitor or its overtime
5. Don’t prop kill
6. No traitor baiting (shooting near players, saying you’re a traitor)
7. No racism
8. No prop surfing to non- accessible areas
9. No camping or claiming areas until overtime
10. All claims must be typed in the chat
11. No prop blocking/ door spamming (can be killed after 3 warnings typed in the chat)
12. Warnings must be typed in the chat at least 5 secs apart from each other
13. No false KOS (unless you’re a traitor)
14. Can’t KOS off location, wielded weapons (unless it’s a t weapon), or skins
15. Respect staff and other players
16. No pornographic sprays/ steam avatars
17. No throwing discombobs or incends in areas that can kill players (unless you’re a traitor)
18. Failing to id a body is KOS
19. You may kill someone for following you after (3 warnings typed in the chat atleast 5 secs apart from each other)
20. Breaking testers is KOS
21. Do not delay as a traitor (will result in a slay)
22. Your username must have at least 3 english characters in a row, and be pronounceable.

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